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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Quickity a health insurance provider?

No, Quickity is not a health insurance provider. We are a tool that offers a selection of hand-picked private health insurance options best suited to expats living in Germany, from a large variety of providers.

Who selects the health insurance overview provided by Quickity?

Quickity is powered by KLforExpats- an independent insurance brokerage with 25+ years of experience in the industry. KLforExpats provides health insurance advice and support to internationals in Germany and is behind the carefully selected options provided by Quickity.

Do I need to sign up to use Quickity?

No, you do not need to sign up to use Quickity. Our service is completely free, instant, and non-binding.

Once I receive my overview of health insurance options, how can I customise my preferred coverage and get more information before making a decision?

Once you complete our interactive video questionnaire, you will be redirected to download your overview of private health insurance options. At this stage, you will have the option to connect with one of our advisors within 3 hours of receiving your overview via our sister company KLforExpats.

Who is Quickity for?

Quickity is for those seeking to obtain private health insurance. We specialize in helping employees, and to be eligible for private health insurance as an employee in Germany, you must earn €69,300 or more annually and have no pre-existing health conditions.

Why use Quickity and not buy my health insurance directly from a provider?

Choosing the right health insurance can be a complex and daunting exercise, and at Quickity, we believe it's important to make an educated, well-informed decision before locking into a health insurance contract. By working with Quickity, you receive a range of coverage options from a selection of top providers, with the option to speak to our team to get unbiased advice and a neutral assessment of the providers that are best suited to what you're looking for. When you go directly to a health insurance provider, you will only be advised on the plans they offer which can be limiting.

What do you mean by "expat-friendly" health insurance options?

Health insurance is mandatory in Germany but expats don't have access to the same health insurance plans available to German citizens. Many insurance providers also have certain requirements and restrictions surrounding what kind of insurance can be offered to an expat based on things like length of stay in Germany and visa status. In some cases, this can actually work in your favor as an expat and result in special rates. Through our sister company KLforExpats, we have a direct relationship with a number of providers and are able to access these special expat plans, which aren't available anywhere else on the market.

Can I switch health insurance providers in Germany?

Yes, you are allowed to switch health insurance providers in Germany. However, there may be certain restrictions depending on your type of insurance and the amount of time you have been with your current provider. It's best to speak to our experts directly to clarify what's required in your situation.

What happens if I don't have health insurance in Germany?

Not having health insurance in Germany is illegal and can result in back-payments and other issues, e. g. with your employer.

How can I make sure I have the right health insurance coverage for my needs?

Health insurance is for life so we invite our clients to do their own research and seek the support of an independent advisor to help answer any questions before making a decision. Most providers operate in German, which is why working with an advisor can help with understanding contracts and reading the fine print.

When choosing health insurance, consider factors such as cost, the kind of benefits you want included in your coverage, and the level of support and customer service you want to have access to. Not all insurance providers offer customer support in English, which is something to consider if you're still brushing up on your German!

What is the difference between public and private health insurance?

Public health insurance is a statutory scheme that provides coverage, regardless of your income or medical history. Private health insurance is available for those who are self-employed or employees who earn above the income threshold of €69,300 gross per year.

The benefit of private health insurance is that it can offer more personalized coverage and can be more cost-effective for high-earners. This is because private health insurance premiums are based on your age, health and benefit preferences, whereas public health insurance is based on the income you earn.

In the event that you have a lot of pre-existing medical conditions, public health insurance might be more suitable.

What if I have more questions?

Quickity's lead advisor, Mirja and our team of experts is always here to help. Contact us through our website or via the KLforExpats messenger channel.