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Why Quickity?

  • Easy & fast turnaround

    Receive a free and instant overview of estimates with as little as 7 clicks. We help you find the quality of coverage you want without going over your budget!

  • Optional consultation

    Have the option of getting in touch with an English-speaking health insurance advisor within 3 hours of receiving your overview to personalize your preferred option.

  • Expat-first expertise

    Specialists in expat health insurance with 25+ years of experience in German health insurance, trusted by over 500+ expat clients and boasting 5-star reviews.

  • 100% independent & transparent

    Operated by neutral advisors who work with a large range of the best insurance providers in Germany but are independent of any one provider - meaning we put your best interests first!

Find your optimal coverage now!

Private health insurance isn't for everyone, but if you don't have pre-existing health conditions, and are a high earner making over €69,300 annually it can be more cost-effective than public health, often making it the preferred choice!

But every coin has two sides, so carefully considering both options is essential. Assessing the suitability of coverage without having your specific questions answered, taking into consideration future family planning, or understanding the fine print can be risky. That’s where Quickity and its sister brokerage KLforExpats come in!

We’re pulling back the curtain to bring you the top-rated plans that are most loved by expats and meet German legal requirements.

Consider yourself a bargain chaser, a premium lover, or perhaps something in between? We'll show you a pre-selected range to suit what's most important to you so that you can get a feel for how much health insurance will cost for the type of comfort and quality level you desire. If you have questions or want to customize your options, our team of experts will be on hand to help!

Get your overview in only 7 clicks

Heads up! Quickity specializes in health insurance for employees

Whilst we'd love to help students, entrepreneurs, and self-employed freelancers, to ensure we can be as effective as possible and respond to your inquiries promptly, we're currently only working with employees who earn above the current threshold of €69,300 as we are specialists in this area. To switch to private insurance, you must also not have any pre-existing health conditions. If it sounds like we can help, feel free to get in touch!

Are you ready? Let's go!